Phoenix house (Since 25th April 2009) is one of the houses of United Kids Club of Maldives. Phoenix House is red & gold in col

The New Logo of Phoenix House.

or. Phoenix has been the ruling house from 23rd December 2008 to 13th January 2012. This happened due to progress.

The MembersEdit

The Members of this house were active from the start till 13th January 2010. As a result, the house's progress went down. The members are:

1. Ahmed Iyaadh

2. Mohamed Eemaan

3. Ahmed Mifzal

4. Ibrahim Layaan Riyaz

5. Zayaan Ahmed

6. Hassan Bin Shafeeu

7. Raushan Aboobakur

8. Mohamed Amru Aamir

9. Mohamed Amin Ibn Afdal

10. Nashwan Ahmed

Mohamed Shaf'aan is redirected as heir-in-throne as the Head of Club, with Mohamed Nabith, redirected as Deputy Head.

Specific EventsEdit

1. The Brutal War (18th February 2012) - Fought between 4 members, 1 sagittarian and 3 andromedians, opposing adults. This war was lost to us. But the war is still continuing.

2. War of the Phoenix (7th November 2011) - This war was fought after a paranormal event that took place. This war was fought between 4 members, 1 sagittarian and 3 andromedians, This war was lost to the opposings.

3. The Sagittarian War (11th August 2012) - This War was fought between a separate dividend, known as gender dividend (Boys vs, Girls). 5 boys and 5 girls participated. 4 sagittarians and 6 andromedians. The war finished as a tie.

4. The Andromedian War (13th August 2012) - This was a minor war between 3 boys and 3 girls. 2 sagittarians and 4 andromedians. The war came to an end with a tie.