This is the ruling section of the club. All the other sections work under the permissions of this section. This section is divided into 3 subsections. They are:

1. FA - Islamic faith

2. FB - (twin to DB) Supreme Law & Court

3. FC - Islamic & Club Policy.

Section FAEdit

This subsection has the responsibily to register members to the club, as the club only accepts Muslims. This club ensures that the members are Muslims and they behave according to islamic law. The members are:

1. Ahmed Iyaadh

2. Mohamed Shaf'aan

Section FBEdit

(Refer to Section DB)

Also Refer to Supreme Court

Section FCEdit

This section ensures that the club has its price at the level and that politics of the country doesn't get mixed with the club's privacy. The members are:

1. Abdullah Shahuru

2. Mohamed Aameen Ibn Afdal

Posts of the sectionEdit

1. Section Head - Mohamed Shaf'aan Hussain

2. Officer - Ahmed Iyaadh

3. Agent - Abdullah Shahuru

4. Manager - Mohamed Aameen Ibn Afdal

5. Secretary - ?